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TallSky Consulting Group provides expert guidance and HR tools to enable our clients to achieve sustainable, competitive strength through their people.

Primary Services:


Full Executive, Professional & Technical Recruitment

The right person, every time.

  • We know how and where to find the right professionals and we know how to attract them to your business. In a competitive market, finding the right fit is critical to your team and business and we understand it’s about more than the right skills and experience. As seasoned professionals with hundreds of successful recruitments in our portfolio, we know how to hire and retain hard-to-recruit executives and professionals.
  • We provide a unique and cost-effective recruitment process to organizations. As you work with us, you choose how much you want us to do for you – from providing professional guidance and tips on how to hire, to managing each step of the recruitment search process completely, keeping you fully informed of our progress along the way.
  • TallSky has extensive experience in developing measurement tools for the interviewers to ensure fairness, transparency, and the best selection decision. We can negotiate on your behalf to ensure that the completion of the recruitment is ideal to all parties. Our job is to ensure you get the right person, every time.

Custom HR Services – On-Site or Outsourced

We’ll create a custom HR solution so you can focus on your core business.

  • We can do as little or as much as you and your organization require and we’re available on-call in times of need, providing situational HR expertise when and where you need it.
  • For some of our clients, the need for HR and other services has progressed from an ad hoc project-based requirement to more of a continuing need, although not so great as to justify a full-time HR position with all of the salary and infrastructure requirements that go along with creating such a role.
  • Look at it as a TallSky team of HR professionals working for you behind the scenes while a dedicated associate is hands-on in your organization.

Expert Guidance and HR Tools:

TallSky Consulting Group provides expert guidance and HR tools to enable our clients to achieve sustainable, competitive strength through their people. We offer:

Strategic Organizational Design & Change Management

Are you looking for efficiencies in the way your staff interact? Do you believe there could be improvements in your accountability structure?

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TallSky will plan, develop, and implement creative organizational solutions in order to improve the effectiveness of your organization. This involves clearly defining your current organization – its strengths and weaknesses – and guiding management to define the “new” organization best suited to meet your emerging needs.
From the details of job descriptions to the broad scope of organizational authority/accountability structure, TallSky will enable you to chart the future and realize success through effective HR practices and support the change management process with strong communication strategies for a successful transition.
If restructuring or organizational changes are leading to a workplace reduction, we will also help provide employees with transitional support through the termination process and provide out-placement services as well.


Job Description and Classification Analysis

Is there a concern that the position descriptions for your staff no longer match the work actually being done? Are employees themselves unclear about the expectations you have of them? Is your company expanding or contracting, and you need help ensuring your staff meet your changing needs? Are you fully aware of current compensation requirements that complement your attractiveness to prospective employees?

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We have extensive experience crafting plain language position descriptions that remove uncertainty for staff and provide a clear definition of all work requirements, reporting relationships, and the qualifications that attract the right people when it is time to hire.

Succession Planning and Performance Management

Do you require a means of identifying potential and talent planning in your organization? Do you have a meaningful evaluation process? Are you attempting to develop an overall plan to address staff training requirements? Do you want the ability to effectively recognize staff contributions to your growth and success?

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TallSky can help with your succession and talent planning requirements, including key processes to establish performance baselines, develop attainable goals and measure the success in meeting those goals. TallSky will create an opportunity for the employee and performance manager to jointly discuss development and succession goals and create a plan for achieving those goals. With TallSky’s assistance, staff development and transition plans will contribute to both organizational goals and the professional growth of the employee.


Communications and Public Relations Support

Do you need help with defining how to communicate a significant message to your leadership and team? Do you have sensitive matters to relay to the public at large?

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TallSky will plan and execute programs to facilitate workplace transition in your company – whether downsizing, upsizing or making minor workforce adjustments.
TallSky will develop, plan and coordinate the wide range of activities as may be required to effectively and compassionately communicate the changes, create employee involvement and commitment, and measure the effectiveness of management strategies during change.
When faced with tricky public relation issues, TallSky will communicate with external partners and stakeholders effectively, professionally, and using proven best practices.

Why Work With Us?

TallSky Consulting Group Benefits of Working with TallSky Consulting Group:

You can rely on the advice we provide because our clients have trusted us, resulting in repeat business and continuous referrals throughout Vancouver Island for 15 years! We offer high-quality services and we understand the importance of best practices, availability and quick responses with the pace your business demands.

Partnering with us for customized HR On-Site or Outsourced Services or working with us on a specific project will enable your organization to fully leverage your human resources capital for optimal business results. Our experience in a broad variety of sectors and the full spectrum of professional, technical and staff categories enables us to bring proven, fresh and creative ideas to you.

As our relationship develops and your organization changes, we can assist you with additional recruitment, talent and performance planning, HR policy development & best practice, team building, employee engagement and retention, succession planning, and so on.

Our multi-disciplinary team approach will enhance your existing HR services, assist in meeting specialized HR needs and provide the highest level of personalized expertise – all at competitive rates.

Value Added Services at No Charge:

TallSky Consulting takes pride in the exceptional HR services we provide to our clients.

  • We provide additional services at no cost to our clients including no charge for local travel time and long-distance telephone calls.
  • Our work is your work. We provide you with HR materials you can update or modify as required in the future.
  • We do not charge our clients for materials (e.g. binders, photocopying, paper/inserts, and other touches such as pens and pencils used during interviews).
  • We pride ourselves on our close attention to our billing time and we aim to provide services in the most efficient manner possible.

Green Initiatives:

We embrace and follow the fundamentals tenets of green practices in our business and personal lives to protect the beautiful environment we live in on Vancouver Island, and we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint globally.  We live each day by the three ‘R’s: ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’.

TallSky ensures a personal HR face for your team, and enables the development of both the breadth and depth of knowledge to support your HR needs and your organization.

Value Added

We embrace and follow the fundamentals tenets of green practices in our business and personal lives to protect the beautiful environment we live in and contribute to reducing our carbon footprint globally.


Our Value-Added Services and Green Initiatives

  • We provide some additional services at no cost to our clients, including free local travel, no charge for long-distance telephone calls.
  • We do not charge our clients for materials (e.g. binders, photocopying, paper/inserts, and other touches such as pens and pencils used during interviews).
  • We pride ourselves on our close attention to our billing time and typically work longer hours than we invoice.


  • Tele-conferencing: Travel, when possible, is eliminated through the use of tele-conferencing (Skype, FaceTime, conference calls).
  • Commuting: Walking or bicycle travel is the preferred option over driving a car for meetings, delivering materials, running errands, etc.
  • Electricity: All devices, appliances, and lighting are certified energy efficient and are turned off when not in use
  • Paper: When paper is required for hardcopy, high-recycled-content paper is used
  • Products: Making decisions to reduce packaging and source responsible companies and products is the first choice.




  • Paper: Rough drafts are printed (if required) on the reverse side of previous documents
  • Disposable goods: Whenever possible, non-disposable office supplies are used (pens, containers, etc.)


  • Shredding: All paper goods are shredded or otherwise rendered for recycling using optimum methods to protect confidentiality and the environment.
  • Metals, Plastics, Electronics: all materials that cannot be repurposed are prepared and delivered for environmentally safe recycling.
  • Composting: all organic matter (uneaten lunch portions, snacks, peelings, etc.) are composted and returned to the earth.


TallSky Clients

TallSky Consulting Group is proud to provide HR recruitment services to leading employers in public, private and non-profit sectors throughout Vancouver Island, and in a wide variety of sectors. Here are just a few of our satisfied clients:

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