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Value of a cover letter

It is easier than ever to apply for a new job. Online applications and ready-made resumes make applying as easy as the click of a button. As recruiters and HR professionals, we see hundreds of applications. In these changing times, more people are looking for new or different opportunities than just about anytime in recent memory. So, where does a covering letter fit with this process?

Traditionally a cover letter was a requirement. Now, unless asked for by the employer, most people tend to assume a covering letter is not necessary. But stop! We have observed that the vast majority of positions are filled by candidates who do take the time to include a covering letter. Taking the time to introduce yourself to the company by letting them know how your background fits with the specific requirements of their position, and explaining why you believe you are the right candidate will go a long way in moving your application forward and getting the attention you deserve. In fact, whether or not they have asked for a letter in addition to your resume, many of our clients hesitate over a candidate who has not supplied a custom covering letter.

There are currently many positions that need to be filled – due to Covid or not – but there are also many great candidates who are vying for that unique position. So, take the time to address your letter correctly, to summarize how your education and experience meets exactly what they are looking for – right down to specific experience, skills and attributes they have described.

Make it easy for the employer to pull your application from all the applications received and ensure they want to talk to you about your background and their role. And keep your cover letter to just one page, error free (no typos!), ensure it is well formatted, and is polite, courteous and business focused. Ideally ask a friend or member of your family to proofread it, along with your resume, to ensure your application reads well, is informative, addresses the job requirements and is error-free.

We are often asked if a candidate should include a covering letter or a value proposition letter. The latter focuses on what you will do for that employer if hired. We recommend combining both, as long as the overall covering letter does not exceed one page. Showing your true interest in the role in a future-tense way, and summarizing your current/past education and experience in your letter will definitely help your application stand out from the rest. We hope to see your cover letter for one of our clients in the future!


Our team at TallSky Consulting continues to support our clients, new and valued. If there is anything we can do to assist you in assessing your staffing needs or help you recruit truly talented candidates through this challenging period, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We continue to offer our expertise as and when you need it, and from our virtual offices to yours. 

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