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So, here’s the deal. When you find the job for which you want to be considered, make sure you look at the ‘fine print.’ That is, look at the qualifications at the end of the job description. Pay close attention to the education and experience criteria. These are the only criteria that should be used by the person screening your application to ensure you meet the screening or shortlisting criteria. Therefore, ensure you address them clearly in your cover letter, but more importantly also in your resume.

Seems pretty elementary, right? Well, we’re often our own worst critic and we tend to assume so much about our background because we’ve lived through it and tend to take what we’ve done for granted. Ensure you clearly articulate the education required of the job, and the experience factors too. The latter could even be bolded in your resume and should definitely include the months and years you have spent doing whatever the specific experience criterion(s) requires.

If you’re still not sure if you’ve explained how you meet the education and experience criteria, confidentially ask your friend or partner to check your application before you submit it. Best of luck with your job search!