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Nicky Scott, CPHR

HR Associate

Nicky Scott

Nicky’s straightforward and practical approach comes from a variety of experiences working with small owner-managed businesses or growth-phase businesses where you “build the car as you drive it”. Her generalist HR experience includes experience coaching, training and facilitation, change and project management as well as establishing best practices from a people and culture perspective.

Nicky also has experience working within several family businesses – including working for several husband-and-wife teams, as well as with her mother, father, sister, and husband in various enterprises. All of these have provided unique learning opportunities.

Nicky’s preferred areas of practice:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Strategic HR Leadership
  • Coaching & Communication Processes
  • Change Management
  • True Colours Facilitator
  • Conflict Management & Mediation
  • Family Enterprise Advisor


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