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TallSky is a piece of your HR Services Puzzle in Victoria BC

TallSky Consulting Group provides expert guidance to leaders throughout client organizations in order to achieve sustainable, competitive strength through their people.

Full Service Executive Search & Staff Recruitment

Do you need to hire executive, professional, technical, or operational staff and would prefer to have expert advice for sourcing, screening, interview preparation, selection, and engagement negotiation?

We know how and where to find the right professionals and we know how to attract them to your business. We provide cost-effective recruitment services to all sectors, including private businesses of all sizes, not-for-profit entities, and the public sector. As seasoned professionals with hundreds of successful recruitments in our portfolio, we know how to hire and retain hard-to-recruit employees from administration to specialized professional/technical fields and executives (including CEOs, CFOs and CIOs). As you work with us, you may choose how much you want us to do for you – from providing professional guidance and tips on how to hire, to managing the recruitment process completely, keeping you fully informed every step along the way.

TallSky has extensive experience in developing measurement tools for the interviewers to ensure fairness, transparency, and the best selection decision. We can negotiate on your behalf to ensure that the completion of the recruitment is satisfactory to all parties. Our job is to ensure you get the right person, every time.

Custom HR Services

For some of our clients, the need for HR and other services has progressed from an ad hoc project-based requirement to a more continuing need, but not so great as to justify a full-time human resource director and all the salary and infrastructure requirements that would go along with creating such a position.

Let TallSky deal with your emerging HR issues so you can focus on core business functions.
Of course, all of the resources of TallSky Consulting Group remain available to you as a priority client for HR project work that may require immediate additional time, such as specialty recruiting for a key position, major reorganization, or strategic planning.

Change Management, Communication and Public Relations Support

Are you looking for compassionate, expert advice in managing through organizational change to enhance your culture? Do you see the best way to communicate a significant message to your leadership and team?

TallSky will plan and execute programs to facilitate workplace transition in your company – whether downsizing, upsizing or making minor workforce adjustments. TallSky will develop, plan and coordinate the wide range of activities as may be required to effectively and compassionately communicate the changes, create employee involvement and commitment, and measure the effectiveness of management strategies during change.

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HR Services — On-Site or On-Demand

While growing your enterprise means adding great people, taking care of those people can take a lot of your time. Understanding how to find those great people is only part of our business, we can make sure you keep them! If restructuring or organizational changes are leading to a workplace reduction, we will also help provide employees with transitional support through the termination process and with out-placement services as well.

TallSky HR services provides many diverse resources essential for employee relations, retention and delivering a great culture. We support our business partners from start up to re-organization; providing unbiased expertise in all HR specialties and delivering a custom tailored solution working On Site or On Demand as your business and team requires it to be “Your HR.”

One of our TallSky associates will work side by side with your employees and managers providing leadership coaching, mentoring or addressing policies and processes impacting employee engagement, compensation & benefits, succession planning, training, performance management and providing ‘in the moment’ professional HR support.

We can do as little or as much as you and your organization require and we’re available on-call in times of need, providing situational HR support when and where you need it. Look at it as a TallSky team of HR professionals working for you behind the scenes while a dedicated associate is hands on in your organization. Sound interesting? Contact us to have a personalized assessment of your HR needs completed.

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Strategic Organizational Design

Are you looking for efficiencies in the way your staff interact?
Do you believe there could be improvements in your accountability structure?

TallSky will plan, develop, and implement creative organizational solutions in order to improve the effectiveness of your organization. This involves clearly defining the current organization – its strengths and weaknesses – and guiding management to define the “new” organization best suited to meet your emerging needs. From the details of job descriptions to the broad scope of organizational authority/accountability structure, TallSky will enable you to realize success through effective HR practices and support the change management process with strong communication strategies for a successful transition.

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Job Description and Classification Analysis

Is there concern that the position descriptions for your staff no longer match the work actually being done? Are employees themselves unclear about the expectations you have of them?

Is clear accountability for specific outcomes no longer possible? In an age of increasing competition for skilled employees, are you fully aware of current compensation requirements that will complement your attractiveness to prospective employees? TallSky will share our expertise in documenting and formalizing the description of work performed by a given position, the competencies required and the accountability for that work as it relates to the overall sustainable success of your organization. We have extensive experience crafting plain language position descriptions that remove uncertainty for staff and provide clear definition of all work requirements and reporting relationships.

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Compensation & Benefits Review

Do you question how competitive your compensation is in today’s marketplace?
Is your benefits program meeting the needs and expectations of your employees?

TallSky has access to the latest salary surveys and the experience to design a comprehensive compensation package to reward and retain your employees. We can help you keep your top talent motivated, engaged and productive!

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Talent Planning and Performance Management

Do you require a means of identifying potential and talent planning in your organization? Do you have a meaningful evaluation process? Are you attempting to develop an overall plan to address staff training requirements? Do you want the ability to effectively recognize staff contributions to your growth and success?

TallSky can assist in the development of succession planning and employee management tools, including key processes to establish performance baselines, develop attainable goals and measure the success in meeting those goals. TallSky will create an opportunity for the employee and performance manager to jointly discuss development goals and create a plan for achieving those goals. With TallSky’s assistance, staff development plans will contribute to both organizational goals and the professional growth of the employee.

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Facilitation and Training Workshops

Workplace Relationship Building workshops offer not only leading edge theory, but practical approaches and fresh energy around the themes of employee engagement and team building. Workshops are available in half day and one day sessions and are designed to be both insightful and fun. Each workshop is designed to your individual business culture and geared to addressing the current key challenges such as communication, re-building/strengthening trust.

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