HR Services Checklist

Benefits of Working with TallSky Consulting Group:


You can rely on the advice we provide because our clients have trusted us for nearly 14 years! We offer both high level service and we understand the importance of quick responses and the pace your business demands.


Partnering with us through Custom HR On Site or On Demand Services or working with us on a specific project will enable your organization to fully leverage your human resources capital for optimum business results. Our experience in a broad variety of sectors and the full spectrum of professional, technical and staff categories enables us to bring fresh and creative ideas to you.


As our relationship develops and your organization grows, we can be engaged to assist with additional recruitment, talent and performance planning, human resource policy development & best practice, team building, employee engagement and retention, and so on.

Cost Effective

You will have the highest level of personalized expertise, backed by our team without having to search for new HR staff or provide a full-time HR position.

Value Added Services at No Charge:

  • Local travel time
  • Long distance calling within Canada
  • Materials such as binders, photocopying, paper/inserts, and other touches such as pens/pencils and bottled water provided at interviews.

Invoicing: We pride ourselves on our close attention to our billable hours and we aim to provide services in the most efficient manner possible!


TallSky ensures a familiar HR face for your team, and enables the development of both breadth and depth of knowledge about your HR needs as your organization grows.